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Smiling Heals Us

Today’s message from Mary is all about smiling something many of us probably forget to do. I remember as a child performing in a group of school  musicians our conductor would remind us to smile  just before the curtain opened and we began to play our instruments to the audience. It was wonderful training for life. I didn’t know then the healing power of just a smile to the recipient and also the person giving the smile. It instantly raises  our vibration and heals both people the giver and receiver  momentarily. It is free to practice so please take Mary’s advice today and you can help heal and raise the vibration in our world. Trust me from my crazy life you never know what people our going through.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

When I’m Smiling…


…then I’m smiling…and the whole world smiles with you…again, lyrics of a song from yesteryear. But it’s true. It is so easy to let yourself slip and sink into depression, or just simply allow yourself to fall into the negative….and let’s face it there’s a lot going on in the world and even in our lives to take us there.

So this week’s message from Mary is to find those things in life that make us smile…or even laugh…because when you smile and laugh it can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Allow your smile to connect with your heart…take a load off and enjoy a bit of happiness….and then pass it along to those you love and care about.

…and this is according to Mary!

Who can turn the world on with their smile?

I see a Smile

I see a Smile

Ok… while some would disagree that animals can technically smile, true animal lovers know that they can.  Every time your dog gets excited when you walk into the room…any time you see the excited wag of their tail…any time you seem your dog rush to the car because they know they are being taken on a trip, or for a walk you are seeing them smile.  Any time your kitty snuggles up in your lap…or comes looking for loving…or finds that spot in the bed that makes them super comfortable (usually between your feet and typically at the expense of your own comfort)..Any time you hear that engine start to purr….you know that they are happy; therefore you know that they are smiling.

This week Mary wanted to remind us of that smile…remind us of the love our pet shares with us…remind us of the happiness we get from those smiles and that love…and the smile our pets tend to put on our own faces.

Continue to smile with your pet as your pet smiles with you…benefit from their healing energy…and embrace their friendship, their unconditional love and their companionship.

…and this is according to Mary!

Smile…It’s contagious!

Think of the people you love…when they smile how does it make you feel? Hopefully it fills your heart with happiness, and your soul with peace and contentment. Maybe you know why your friend or family member is smiling…maybe you don’t …maybe they are smiling because you walked in the room and you just changed the energy that there were experiencing before you arrived. Hopefully your energy changes the second you saw their facial expression change to joy and happiness…maybe their eyes lit up as well…the eyes and the lips are often connected aren’t they?

I know when I look at “C” and I see that amazing smile…I always go to her eyes next…I love looking at the life, joy, and love in her eyes…there are moments when I can no longer hear what she is saying because I’m completely lost in the moment…I’ve been captured by her smile…and hypnotised by her eyes…these are such beautiful and amazing moments.

This was one of the most recent messages from Mary. She sent along several, but this is the one I felt like sharing today. The image she showed me was of that of someone smiling, and how healing and beautiful a smile can be when shared between two people. The message was short and simple, but oh so powerful. On days when you are down, and days when your energy is low, look to your friends, family, and loved ones to lift your vibration with a simple smile…read everything you can into that smile, don’t take it for granted…there is love in that smile…thrive off of the energy of that smile…and smile right back!

And this is according to Mary!