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As wise as “eye” am

Looking for clarity

Looking for clarity

In a recent message from Mary an image came to me of an eye.  The meaning was centered around wisdom.  Many of us struggle with issues in our lives…and of course just as many of us throw caution to the wind and put minimal thought into the challenges we face…quickly making decisions and using stubbornness as an excuse not to waver from our position…but Mary wanted to remind us that we have an internal mechanism that we can use…look inward…search your heart.

If you are struggling for answers take the time to look inward to help guide you through your inner turmoil…use your internal wisdom to help navigate yourself through the barriers in your mind and preconceived conclusions that will hinder your ability to think clearly and successfully resolve your problems…the thoughts that paralyse you…look to your heart to do what is right and use your internal wisdom to help solve your problems…be truthful with yourself.

And for those who are quick to decide, or tend to lock into a position more so out of principle…fearing that changing your opinion or altering your point of view is a sign of weakness…look inward…think about the big picture…small battles are easier to give up knowing that the greater good is at stake…leave your ego at the front door and strive to be more selfless…look to your heart to tap into your wisdom…do this over your need to win, or your need to be right.

…we all have this ability…it’s something that gets better over time…learn to rely on it…learn to trust it…and learn to exercise your mind’s eye.

…and this is according to Mary!