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Stop Pouring Toxins Into Drains


I was a little shocked that this message from Mary came through and  still needs to get out in this day and age. Today’s message from Mary is to watch what you are pouring down the drainpipes going  directly into our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. Mary is very concerned at what is going on. I remember years ago we would pour something called Drano  filled with chemicals down the sink to clear a clogged sink without any thought. I still can’t believe people are still doing toxic practices like that with all of our environmental concerns. So please  stop this practice of putting toxic things down your drain. It all goes out to pollute our waterways.  Make sure anything you use at home is biodegradable   There are so many natural products being discovered every day. We are all one in this journey on earth.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

The 4 Elements We Need

DSC_8677Air, Fire, Water and Earth. We are all made from these four elements and Mother Earth herself is too. Mary’s message today is to make sure you are getting these elements in your life.

Let’s start with Air.  I have always loved walking on a wild, windy day to clear my head and never knew why. The wind is very clearing. If you have a problem go out for a walk on a windy day to clear you head, focus, connect with your heart and solve your problem.

Fire is also important for us. Over the  years ago whenever I was buying a  house I always insisted on a real fireplace or woodstove in my house. Nothing artificial like gas or electric fireplace…nothing fake for me. I knew intuitively what I needed. We all need fire energy. You can sit by the fire and watch the flames. It touches your soul, and is very therapeutic and relaxing. You can talk through your problems while sitting by a fire and telling your problems to the flames. This creates a healing as well.   If you live in an apartment light a few candles. Some cities allow outdoor fires in their parks. Check your city bylaws.

Water I think is my favourite. I was born ruled by Pieces and thought I was an Earth sign. I always wanted to be at the beach and didn’t know why until I had my Astrological charts done. For me the water is healing and calming. Even on a cold, cold winter’s day I am so revived and cleansed by a walk on the beach. Any kind of water will do, be it a stream, brook or lake. Even a nice long shower works too…it clears my head, helps me heal and my problems don’t seem as harsh.  Make sure you drink enough water too.

And finally Earth. We need to walk barefoot and connect with Mother Earth. This is called grounding.  Or sit under a tree without a blanket with your back up against the tree.  Barefoot is always best but even in the winter you can still ground to her by walking in the snow even with boots on. Don’t deny yourself this healing and connection with Mother Earth just because it is winter.

And This Is According To Mary!

Love is Like a Ship on the Ocean


The lyrics of the old song from the 70’s popped in my head as I began to write this. It’s an oldie but a goodie!

In a recent message from Mary she showed images of the ocean.  I could see the power, I could see the energy.  I could feel the healing energy that comes from listening to the waves…I could feel the healing energy as the visuals of the ocean gave me strength and brought me harmony from within.  The entire experience allowed me to look to my heart for clarity and love.  I was able to drawn on my heart to feel peace and connect with this beautiful planet.

In today’s message Mary wanted to remind us of the beauty found in nature, specifically water. She wanted us to experience the beauty and healing quality that can be found in any natural body of water, and if you are close by she recommends that you take a trip to the ocean, the sea, a lake, a river….and let your senses embrace the energy that you find there.

…and this is according to Mary!

A Splash of Life

A Splash of Life

What does water represent to you?

Water is life.  Water represents the ebb and flow of life…it represents balance…it represents purity…it represents energy.  Without water there would be no life, or at least not the life that we know.  For those living in the Northern Hemisphere you may have recently experienced water in the form of snow…so many of us had the opportunity to shovel life:-)

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to remind us of the importance of water.  What it represents…how important it is and how fragile it can be.  Sometimes we take it for granted. For many of it seems to be all around us, and plentiful, but yet at the same time it is far from abundant. Think of the toxins that surround us and how easy it is for those toxins to enter our water supply. It kind of reminds me of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

So she wanted to remind us to take care of our water supply.  Look at our day to day habits.  Try to conserve what we have, try to reduce the chemicals and toxins we use that could easily seep into our water systems…the products we use to clean with…think about the things we pour down the drain…what are we throwing away that could leach into ground water…are we opting for convenience over environment…keep in mind how fragile the environment really is.  Love our water supply…love the earth…love each other.

…and this is according to Mary!

The Healing Power of Water


Do you remember when you were a child?  At some point in time you probably remember seeing in a book, or maybe in a cartoon an image of a sailboat on the water…and there was a huge cloud that was blowing the sailboat.  This is the latest image that Mary Magdalene sent.  The message was simple, it was whimsical, it was therapeutic…just like her message.

Mary wanted to pass along the message that the ocean (and water in general) has an amazing calming effect on most of us.  For those who live near water, whether it’s a babbling brook, a flowing river, a rustic ocean, or mesmerizing sea… use this resource to your advantage…visit your body of water often…use it as part of your meditation…walk along side with it…listen to rhythm of the flowing water, or the lapping of the waves along the shore…take in the aroma…embrace the healing and therapeutic power of water.

“C” and I feel very blessed to live so close to the ocean.  In times of stress, or sadness…as well as happy time, we often take a trip to our favorite beach…regardless of the weather or season…whether it is the warmth of summer, or the coldest days in January…with the sun shining, or rain or snow falling…we find it is a wonderful place to connect with nature…connect with the universe…to rejuvenate…to find peace…to heal…to clear our minds…to hold hands and reaffirm our love for each other…and just to be.

And this according to Mary!  Feel free to share your favorite water/ocean experiences!!!