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Somewhere over the Waterfall…I mean Rainbow

Rainbow and Main Falls at Victoria Falls

So how is your week going? Your month…or even your year? We hope things are positive and peaceful.

Life has a way of taking us on a bit of a rollercoaster ride…or in this case a trip somewhere down the crazy river (there’s a Robbie Robertson reference in there somewhere). We have our ups… we have our downs…and for many of us the downs seem more prevalent than the ups.

It can be tough to stay positive. It is easy to slip into a bit of a depressed state, which does not help our vibrations…it prevents us from healing…it prevents us from growing…and can prevent us from growing our love, or caring for the people we love.

In a recent message from Mary she showed me a waterfall…and if you think of a waterfall it can start off as a slow moving river…maybe even relaxing to stat with….but then it begins to speed up. At first you can back paddle a bit…you can hold your own…but then you start to lose ground. The strength of the water starts to take over…you begin to panic…you don’t have the strength to fight the power of the river anymore. You end up getting swept up by the currents…you have lost control…the calmness of the water is long gone and you are now engulfed in the rapids. There is tension, stress and turmoil…and you end up going over the waterfall.

Does this feel familiar?

I’m sure we have all gone through a similar sensation several times in our lives. But the other part of the image that Mary shared with me was that quite often at the end of the waterfall there is a rainbow in the mist…that there is a positive…that there is beauty…there is joy…and although you have just been through a traumatic experience…an experience where you have lost control, felt helpless, and you have been put through the ringer…well… there is the next phase in your journey…and it can be a beautiful thing.

You can rise from your depression…you can raise your vibrations…you can continue to heal….and you can continue to love and grow.

Examine your journey…learn from it…look inward towards your heart and know that things will get better…that life will go on and you will make it through the waterfall.

Embrace the rainbow!

…and this is according to Mary.