Breathe In The Fresh Air

Mary showed three clouds in the sky. The message was the importance of fresh air and breathing. There are such healing properties of being outside in nature.  It can help you get rid of the stress of the day. Mary said don’t let the winter cold stop you either. Scott and I bundle up  where we live  sometimes three or four layers.  January was very cold but we still got out all the time. Luckily we have a city park a ten  minute drive away. There was one day in January we were there and it was snowing hard. Most people had left so we were almost alone and we just had to stop to take in the nature and the stillness of the moment. The snowflakes were falling  heavily, the trees we just peeking out  all snow covered  by now and the ocean sound of the waves made  it was so so  beautiful. We just stood there in awe of nature and  taking it all in. It was very  majestic and healing.  So find a park in your city, bundle up and breathe!

And this is according to Mary!

6 thoughts on “Breathe In The Fresh Air

  1. This is so true! Last night I went hiking for several hours around the city of Potsdam, near Berlin. It was so beautiful by the lake and the stars were incredibly bright! As I was walking with my group we stumbled upon a gorgeous church, positioned IN the water with lovely blue tiles and a strange sort of brick. It almost resembled a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern architecture, and we were all astounded by the beauty of everything that laid before us…even though it was freezing outside! Best of wishes to you, and thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

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