How’s your Heart?

Snowy Heart

Snowy Heart

What guides you? Is it your head or your heart? Obviously there are many tasks and decisions where it would be a good idea if your head was involved. You would never hop in your car, close your eyes and let your heart do the driving…at least I would hope not.

But as you travel through your journey you certainly wouldn’t want your decisions to be completely data driven…you need your heart involved….you need to tap into that strength, power and love from within to help guide you through your decision making process. Are the decisions you are making good for you, your loved ones, and for your environment.

We are constantly being bombarded by media, news, entertainment and marketing telling us what the world should be like…what is good for us… and what will make us happy. The scary thing is we often turn on our cruise control and we end up absorbing the media we are being exposed to…perception become reality… and the unsolicited data becomes our truth.

I guess I’m asking us to look deeper…look inside…question what is being presented to us and dig deeper for the truth.

In a recent vision I saw a window, as the vision progressed light began to pour through the window and it began to touch my heart…I could the rise in my vibration; I could feel love flow through my body; I could feel a sense of healing and truth.

The message from Mary was to tap into your heart…use that energy…use the love from within to grow, heal and discover.

…and this is according to Mary!

6 thoughts on “How’s your Heart?

  1. Gentle yet clear in your message. Opening your heart to nature to see the light of all things. I love this!

    “Nature never did betray the the heart that loved her”. (Wordsworth)

    What’s really neat is if we listen to nature, where listening to in “fact” our own hearts.. for what is in nature is in us all! So if we betray nature we are betraying ourselfs.

    Thank-you for liking my buttetfly, you led me here and what a nice read!

  2. Great article!

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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